about us




Northway Watches began when a group of friends decided to create a new watch brand founded on the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank. Tired of big brands markups we set out to create a direct to consumer model with the mission of deliver stylish and fashionable watches at affordable prices. How do we do that? Great products, straight to your doorstep from the people who made them. No re-branding, no middle man, no wasted airmiles.




Our journey started with a spark; an idea that pulled together a small team of individuals. At the beginning it was just a simple idea, but then we realized that it was time to dedicate ourselves to the realization of this project. We decided to get up every morning before 5am and work on the realization of our vision. That was an absolute game changer. We had to face an unlimited number of obstacles along the way but certainly we could not stop.
 In order to develop our project in the best possible way and without involving anyone else outside of our team, we taught ourselves all the aspects from scratch. It took us ours over ours to learn it all, watch tutorials, and learn coding. But it was totally worth it!




From the beginning our goal was clear: we wanted to change the way people think about fashion by delivering modern and stylish watches at an affordable price.
 With customers from all around the world, Northway Watches has transcended into more than just a watch store, we are now a community who share the same vision and beliefs. We believe time should be used for passions, opportunities and purpose. After months spent perfecting all the aspects of this project, we realized an important thing. Time is a precious resource. You cannot buy it, exchange it or borrow it. It is fixed and constant. We believe every moment is an opportunity, not to be wasted or passed by.
At Northway Watches, we understand the importance of a watch. It’s a process of living and of making memories. We believe a watch can do so much more than tell time - it can tell the world what you're all about. We are now on a mission: to inspire and encourage you to use your time to be driven, creative and motivated. We created a collection of watches that we think fits perfectly into our vision of delivering quality watches at affordable prices - and that can serve as daily reminder to pursue your ambitions with grit and determination.